Ever since I was a wee little one, I was constantly into make-up and lotions, and basically anything I could find in my Mom's cupboards and cabinets.. dolling myself up, and anyone who's face would let me. My Grandmother Virgie was the best willing client I had, allowing me to put layers of blue eye shadow on her, and any number of lipsticks and blushes.
She'd say "I'm all dolled up and ready to go dancing now" complimenting my work, that was often outside of the lines..

I guess it was a natural path then, that I followed into the path of Skincare for the last 12 years, while in pursuit of my dreams, both as an actress & now a country singer - songwriter.  Along the way, I fell in love with living out West,  and have always been in love with horses. Which is nearly an understatement- I'm over the moon for them.. 

Starting True West Skincare in Texas, I have now brought it with me to Tennessee, as I continue to explore the world of country music, and my role in it. I care for horses during the day, and skincare in between, to combine all of my loves. 

As an Esthetician, believe in working with your skin from the inside out, for outstanding, glowing results-  I knew there had to be a way to combine all of it.. 

    As an Esthetician of 12 years, I have been lucky, blessed, & driven to learn so much about the skin, facial massage, pressure points,  energy work, the touch, and a overall whole body approach for the best results. You will feel overall relaxation after your treatment, as well as receive incredibly beautiful results. 

I customize each skin care treatment to meet your individual skin type, and skin care needs. 

I love taking a look at dietary habits that can help your skin to thrive, & I will recommend a lot of things that you can pull from your very cupboards to use on your skin, as well as using a very results oriented line, called "Image" created by a plastic surgeon and his wife whom is also an Esthetician. I believe in combining and using holistic philosophies, along with results oriented products. East meets West in skincare.  I also believe in bringing a specialty touch that understands just how important touch can be.  I will help to restore, nourish, & feed your skin! 

  Together, we'll make you glow darlin' glow, from the inside out!

Contact me at (505) 670-8456, to book your appt, email me at info@truewestskincare.com, or book online! 

 ​See you in the True-West!   XO,  Kate E. Pierson  Skin Care Specialist


                    Kate E. Pierson

    TN Certified skin care specialist 


​                  (505) 670-8456