As an Esthetician of 11 years, I have been lucky, blessed, & driven to learn so much about the skin, facial massage, pressure points,  energy work, the touch, and a overall whole body approach for the best results. I love taking a look at dietary habits that can help your skin to thrive, & I will recommend a lot of things that you can pull from your very cupboards to use on your skin, as well as using a very results oriented line, called "Image" created by a plastic surgeon and his wife whom is also an Esthetician. As well as some incredibly amazing, effective organic ingredients from a skincare line called D.n.A.. East meets West in skincare. I believe in combining and using holistic philosophies, along with results oriented products.  Together, we'll make you Glow, darlin' Glow, from the inside out!

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 ​See you in the True-West!   XO,  Kate E. Pierson  Skin Care Specialist


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             Kate E. Pierson

Certified Skin Care Specialist 

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