Acne Facial. The Best Treatment for clear skin. I will address the skin from the inside out, taking a look at diet, stress levels, horomonal changes- and will make supplemental reccomendations that will be greatly helpful in helping to clear up acne. A balancing cleanse, steam, an acne targeted exfoliation, very thorough extractions, and soothing treatment mask. You will be on your way to clear, healthy, beautiful skin. No Kiddin' around.  50 min. $100. (Great treatment to add-on Lonestar Microderm, for additional $55.)  

Microdermabrasion Facial.  a highly results oriented Facial, with an Enzyme Peel and Microdermabrasion. 

A Complete Anti-ageing focused facial treatment.  First I will double cleanse your skin with a gentle glycolic facial cleanser, followed by a  microdermabrasion treatment to retexture your skin, and reveal gorgeously smooth radiant skin while increasing elastin and erasing fine lines and wrinkles.  Then, a facial massage, and a gentle custom peel to completely sweep and resurface your skin. Steam and thorough extractions are included, and a plant stem cell mask for complete rejuvenation and hydration & suppleness. We get to the Gritty. Your skin will thank you for it. 60 min. $135. 

Sensitive Skin Facial. Just how sensitive are you Wallflower? Whether you have Rosacea skin, cheeks that flush, more prominent capillaries, or skin that just plain ol' darn fussy and reacts to most products, we understand! We will soothe and calm your skin with our 50 minute balancing facial treatment, pressure points, vitamin c to calm inflammation, and facial massage with cooling stones. We do include a little steam, just to soften the skin for extractions, but it is minimal.  You'll be the calmest wallflower.  55 min. $100.

Organic Facial w/ Ko-Be-Do (Japanese Facial Massage). This lovely all organic Japanese style facial treatment, with leave your skin supple, revitalized, & renewed. Ko Be Do, is a Japanese facial technique that uses kneading and tapotement to increase circulation, stimulate collagen, and lessen fine lines & wrinkles. An enzyme polish exfoliates dead skin cells, and antioxidants protect, brighten, and bring the skin back to life. 60 minutes. $135. 

Vitamin C anti-aging Facial.  This is our classic Vitamin C anti-ageing facial, targeted for any skin type wanting to restore a healthy, vibrant, hydrated, youthful glow. Vitamin C builds collagen in the skin, which helps to plump fine lines and wrinkles, and also hydrates & brightens the skin. This is a great facial for skin with hyperpigmentation, or (sunspots.) Together we will sing those age spots good-bye.. 50 min. $100.

30% PUMPKIN ENZYME ADD-ON PEEL - to Deepen the exfoliation, stimulate collagen, smooth the texture of your skin, lighten hyper-pigmentation and scarring.. You can't go Wrong! Perfect add-on to your custom facial.  $45. 

LONESTAR MICRODERM add-on 15 minutes of microdermabrasion, to exfoliate and make your skin glow glow glow to any of the custom facial treatments. $50. 

Custom Facial. Our classic custom facial, taylored to make your skin glow like an angel.. Double cleanse, steam, a deep exfoliating treatment mask to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, thorough extractions, and a facial massage with a focused eye treatment, and decadent head neck and shoulder massage. It will leave you feeling like a new cowgirl.. 50 minutes $100.

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​​​THE TEXAS TWO - STEP - MICRODERMABRASION WITH AN ENZYME PEEL. A 45 minute targeted treatment to leave you feelin' brand spankin' new! The perfect pick-me up for your skin, that softens fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen, and helps to treat mild acne and acne scarring. You will be feeling fabulous! This treatment also includes a             plumping facial massage and mild extractions. Excellent results driven treatment before a first two-step!   $125.

Men's Facial.  Alright Guys, This ones for you! Our Custom Gentlemen's Facial.  Because Men need to be pampered too!! An amazing men's facial that includes a skin analysis, (and no, we won't judge the soap & water routine...;) and the best and most simple route to leaving your skin feeling completely renewed. Steam, Exfoliation, Extractions, a Head Neck and Shoulder Massage, & a balancing treatment mask.  55 min. $100. 

​​    Add-on Lonestar Microdermabrasion, Pumpkin Enzyme or Advanced Peel to your Neck & Decollete.    $50.

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